Category: Adult

Date: 2022-05-11

Icebreaker: What is that one thing your parents promised to do for you if you excel in studies?

Worship: “Worship the LORD with joy; come before him with happy songs!” Psalm 100:2

Scripture: Psalms 128:1-6, 2 Tim 1:5


Note to cell leader: Please listen to the cell audio and read through this guide, pray, and prepare. Please ensure that the members are cared for.

As we continue with the Blessed families series, let’s take some time to talk about Parenting as a sacred trust from God to all parents.
1. When you look back at your life and think about parenting, what was your experience from the parents in your life?
2. From the scriptures read, what is God’s perspective on parenting?
3. What is the goal of parenting?
4. How should we care for the children God has entrusted us with?
5. Let’s take some time as a cell to pray for parents to take up this sacred trust and healing for those whose past was not the best.

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