Category: Adult

Date: 2018-09-19

Icebreaker: Share an incident in your life when you realized that God has a plan for you.

Worship: Prepare 2 songs 2 days before cell, send a text to the cell members to get the lyrics and ask someone to lead, sing and worship together as a cell.

Scripture: Acts 17:26-27, Jeremiah 29:4-14.

Topic: I LOVE UGANDA: God has a beautiful plan for her

1. Discuss moments where the Church of Jesus in Uganda has impacted the nation and led it in the right direction.
2. “The challenge in this nation is the heart of the people and only God can transform hearts! When hearts are not right we delay or hinder the beautiful plans God has for us.” a) How can you as an individual return to God? b) How can we as the body of Christ lead the nation in returning to God?
3. God’s plan for Uganda will come to pass. Isaiah 46:9-10. As people of this beautiful nation, how can we get involved in the process of God’s plan for Uganda coming to pass?
4. Spend time praying for Uganda. 2 Chronicles 7:14.

Note to cell leader: Please read through this guide, pray, and prepare. Please ensure that the members are cared for.

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