Category: Adult

Date: 2018-09-05

Icebreaker: Share the funniest joke you have heard this year.

Worship: Prepare 2 songs 2 days before cell, send a text to the cell members to get the lyrics and ask someone to lead, sing and worship together as a cell.

Scripture: Matthew 18:20 - For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

Topic: Free Sharing

1. Cell leader, choose the nature of the discussion you want the cell to take this Wednesday that can help you bond as a cell.
2. Pray for your cell goals for the rest of the year 2018.

Note to cell leader: Please read through this guide, pray, and prepare. Please ensure that the members are cared for.

2. Baptism in Water happens every 2nd Sunday of the month. Contact your Celebration point to know when the preparatory classes will be taking place.