Category: Adult

Date: 2018-04-25

Icebreaker: A man went to the park and took a picture of a monkey. A monkey went to court that the picture belongs to it. Whom does the picture belong to?

Worship: Worship the Lord in the Splendor of is holiness.

Scripture: Gen 18:17-19, Philippians 3:14, Jeremiah 29:11


We are currently on the sermon series of “FAMILY MATTERS”, covering the area of family vision.
1. From last weekend's sermon we learnt that Vision is one of the key pillars for building a heath family. What are the benefits of having a family vision?
2. How do we build a family vision that is multi-generational?
3. Share ways in which we can successfully implement a family vision.

Job Opportunities: Watoto is seeking for qualified personnel to fill the positions of Architect, Music Teacher and Sponsorship Administrator. For more information, please check the notice board at your Celebration Point.