Category: Adult

Date: 2017-04-19

Icebreaker: Choose one item you are wearing today and tell us; who bought it, how long you’ve owned it, and what is special about it.

Worship: Worship the risen Saviour

Scripture: Isaiah 53: 5, Romans 8:32, 2 Peter 1:3


Areas of Prayer;
1. Family; for unity, healing, material provision and to enjoy the benefits of Christ’s resurrection
2. Cell; spiritual growth, fulfillment of cell annual goals and for community impact.
3. Personalneeds; Share your needs and pray together.

1. Watoto Annual Business Meeting (ABM) to be held on 27th April 2017 at WC-Downtown-6PM. 2. Watoto tour, happening on Saturday 29th April; fee is 10K for transport payable at Watoto Childcare reception at Downtown. 3. Family Ministry: There is weekly prayer and counseling available for those who seek guidance during the week. Call 0776260007 for more information. 4. Don’t miss the exciting series on #PowerSexMoney at Watoto Church Downtown, Friday 6pm with a Coffee bar and lounge powered by W Cafe.